VPN - Virtual Private Networking - allows you to share data or to transmit information between the company's offices, business partners or remote working places in maximum safety conditions. In other words, your employees can access anytime files or databases, wherever they are, all they need is an internet connection and our VPN service.



     We look for small errors and warning signs that allow us to address them before they turn into big problems that may cause outages, downtime, and loss of productivity and/or corruption of data. By catching and addressing most problems early you also avoid expensive repairs.


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BackUp Service


Data Security – Disk and Cloud backup
     For your Data Security we offer professional disk based and cloud based backup. Depending on your specific situation, a hybrid system might be the best.

     File level deduplication and mandatory off site copy are included with all our disk and hybrid solutions.

Tape backup
     We still believe in, and see a long future ahead for tape based technologies. However, in our opinion it best applies to large data scenarios, were automated robotic tape libraries are used. Please contact us if interested in tape based back-up or wishing to leverage your existing on-site hardware and software.

Metered Internet connections
     This affects many of our small business Canadian customers. Due to poor competition in the ISP area and price gouging practiced by the major internet access providers, cloud storage may be too expensive to make business sense. Depends on your volume and work patterns, as well as your province and internet service provider (ISP). Our on premises storage and mixed solutions work well around this inconvenient.

Double secure
     Keep in mind that typically cloud storage is encrypted and very secure, as are the communication channels used for access. The same strong security used by governments and banks is used to secure your data. The only way to get access is using your access credentials.
     However,  time and time again, major providers of cloud storage got hacked. Slight security mishaps may give hackers access not to your data, but to your credentials (e.g. user name and password). And, well, once one has the key to the safe …. Should I continue?
     Again, the chance of your data getting into wrong hands is quite small, and once a breach discovered usually is addressed promptly and thoroughly.
     However, for complete peace of mind, we offer Double secure © cloud storage.

How it works:
     On top of the regular cloud storage security, we add an additional encryption layer.

     Just that this time, the encryption is done on your premises, and only you have the credentials.

     Now you can have (almost) absolute peace of mind. Let’s suppose someone hacks your provider, and get’s access to your data… guess what? All he gets is meaningless garble – your data was stored already encrypted.  To get to your data, will have to break your in-house systems too. Of course this can be done if poor practices or plain negligence  are in play.

     There’s no free lunch unfortunately: there’s a price to pay for the added peace of mind. Higher cost, and also limited access – gone is “access from anywhere” – but do you really need this for your backup?

     Your data will be accessible only from your premises (that may include multiple offices across the globe if you use one of our VPN solutions). Also there’ will be access from your disaster recovery site, and yes, even mobile access, at a premium.

Disk Based Back-up
     If you adopt one of our disk based backup solutions, it is like you have your own on-site private cloud.

     You’ll  never have to worry about hardware again.

     Automated monitoring will let you know by email when each back-up is completed. All you have to do is let us know if the daily email has not arrived, or forward any error message – we’ll take it from there, is included.

     Or, for a modic fee, we can do full monitoring for you. Should any error occur, you’ll receive a report on the incident and steps taken to correct it. Monthly you’ll receive a summary.

     We also offer Year end BackUp and Archiving service.

     Manage your online storage

     If you need assistance in using our services you can make an appointment using our calendar - Click here to open.




     A Periodic Server Maintenance is absolutely necessary in order to keep your servers running in a secure manner, protect you against outages and reduces costly downtime. We can do this with minimal impact to your regular operations.


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