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Simple Data Recovery


     Did your PC crash and now refuses to start? You would like to reinstall Windows, but do not want to lose all those documents and photos? One of your employees has left the company and accidentally forgot to leave the password for that PC where all important reports were saved? Our Simple Data Recovery process will get your data back.

How it works:

You can book an appointment and come to one of our Labs with the damaged PC or one of our technicians will come to you.

Our technician will do a quick evaluation and let you know if it recovery seems feasible. Depending on your hardware and amount of data, it may take from 30 Min to hours.

We retrieve your files from your corrupted hard disk as they are. Including documents, pictures, music. Using our software recovery tools, we connect to your PC’s local hard drive and copy all readable data to a portable external drive.

We provide the portable data drive – You may search and copy files that you need to any other location you desire: another PC, cloud storage. We strongly advise not to use the files directly from the portable drive, but rather copy first and use the copy. Keep the portable drive as a backup.

Summary Report
Also you get a summary report – what was done, and our recommendations, if any.


  • There’s a chance that your hardware may get further damaged during transport. For this reason, at this time we do not accept PCs or Hard Drives sent by mail / courier for data recovery.
  • This service is offered for Windows (all versions) and Linux based PCs.
  • At this time we do not support Apple products.
  • We do not reinstall anything for you. Not the operating system, nor any specific software. This should be done by your regular IT support.
  • You cannot reinstall any software from the saved copy. That can be done only with the original installation media and adequate licensing.
  • We do not recover from disk hardware failure. If the disk is still readable, we recover all and only readable data “as is”. There are specialized companies that do that.
  • We do not recover from damaged Raid XY arrays. If you have a raided disk and the RAID failed, you may want to ask for one of our business support services.
  • We do not recover from corrupted data. If, for whatever reason, virus, power outage, etc., some of your files got corrupted, we recover them exactly as they are on your original disk. We can however assist in setting up your systems as to minimize these occurrences: antivirus software, UPS, regular back-ups. Check our other offers or contact us.



     We look for small errors and warning signs that allow us to address them before they turn into big problems that may cause outages, downtime, and loss of productivity and/or corruption of data. By catching and addressing most problems early you also avoid expensive repairs.


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